Out with the old, in with the new

Our 3D technology gives you true foresight on site

Out with the old, in with the new

Our 3D technology gives you true foresight on site

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Your 3D scanning and planning experts

At 3DFAB, we have combined the latest in 3D scanning and planning to completely revolutionise the construction industry. Based in Rocklea, Brisbane, we are one of only a few companies around Australia utilising this cutting-edge technology.

Our technology can lower your costs and deliver
you better results
, all within shorter timeframes

How 3D can benefit your project

Traditionally if you were planning a new project, or an extension on an existing project, you would have drawings and plans drafted. Once these were approved, the materials would be sourced and prepared, and the structure would start to take shape based on those plans and drawings. All of this hinges on humans and their ability to be 100% accurate. We aren't saying humans are bad, but we all know they certainly are not infallible, and as anyone in the construction industry can attest, human error is often the source of the most costly errors that occur on job sites. Imagine if you could reduce that margin for human error to almost nothing? The technology we employ at 3DFAB does exactly that.

The only variations are the ones you ask for

Thanks to our highly detailed 3D scanning technology, you have true foresight on the job site and can plan with accuracy down to the millimetre. It doesn’t end there though, our sister company, BridgeFab, is also able to supply and erect the steel materials for your structure, which are also created utilising 3D technology. The end result is a job that fits together a little like a Mecanno set when it arrives on site. Everything is cut to perfection, and the only variations are the ones you ask for. No matter how big or how small your project is, contact us today to find out how 3DFAB can take guesswork out of the equation and give you true foresight on site.

Our 3D technology gives you insight into a job site that manual drawings never could.

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