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Imagine if you could eliminate human error on your construction project; imagine if the only variations on your job were the ones you requested? Thanks to 3DFAB’s cutting-edge 3D technology, this seeming dream can be a reality.

How it works

If you’re planning a new building or extension the traditional way, you’d have someone come to your site and measure things up, then they’d go away and draw the plans from the measurements they took. Once it was all approved, you’d order the materials from those drawings, and construction would begin. The problem with this way is human error. While individual errors may only be a matter of millimetres, together these can all add up to quite a lot of centimetres, which can spell some serious problems for you on the construction site. Materials don’t fit and have to be reordered, or adjusted on site; it costs both time and money.

Thanks to our highly advanced scanning technology, we are able to record every minute detail of a job site and create a 3D plan of it so accurate that you can cut and erect your material with absolute confidence.

This cutting-edge technology is particularly impressive for adding an extension to an existing structure as it is able to accurately map every minute detail, accounting for any shifting or sinking.

Once these super high-resolution scans have been created, they can be imported into our specialised software where our expert can strip away the excess and unnecessary detail to draft the highly detailed plan.

Thanks to the invaluable data included in these scans, the realms of possibility have been blown wide open, and issues can be spotted well before erection begins.

Complex curves which would have taken hours of hard work and trial and error on site can be manufactured and fitted with ease.

Two examples of this include the courtyard extension at Ipswich General Hospital, and the installation of a handrail at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Gatton.

Without 3D scanning, the close margins and curve required for the courtyard at Ipswich General Hospital would have been all-but impossible, and the handrail at Our Lady Of Good Counsel would have required weeks of on-site work. Instead, thanks to the abilities of 3D scanning, both projects were completed in just three days. With the “old way” of doing things, they would have taken up to several weeks each.

While this system does require a little extra time in the drafting stage, the time and money it then saves you on the job site are nothing short of amazing.

Find out how 3DFAB can help to revolutionise your next job!

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